winners diesel services began...

If you own a light or medium duty Diesel powered pickup or van, you probably know this drill. Auto repair places either wont work on your truck at all, or just throw parts at it, sticking you with a huge bill. Dealerships can fix them sure, if you want to pay crazy prices and wait, and wait, and wait. Diesel specialty shops around here, sure, except that they really specialize in Heavy Duty stuff, and your light duty truck, with its sophisticated electronics may as well be the Space Shuttle.So, again, you are stuck between "real trucks" waiting. Our Service Technicians not only know your light and medium duty truck like very few in the business, we also make your Diesel powered pickup or van a PRIORITY. We look forward to exceeding your expectations when it comes to getting that Diesel powered Light to Medium Duty vehicle back on the road! Thank You for considering Winners Diesel Services for your service needs!

Since 2007 in this location and for 27 years serving the downriver community, Winners has been committed to offering the best service available for your light to medium duty trucks. Our retail and fleet customers have expressed to us that the Light and Medium Duty Diesel repair area has been under serviced, both from a quality and quantity perspective. Our launch of Winners Diesel Services as a separate Specialty Shop is a product of this demand for quality Diesel Repair, on time, and at a fair price.